Roulette table permits up to seven players at ago real casino and players can continue placing bets as the dealer spins the wheel until he says stop.

Roulette Table


There are basically two types of roulette tables, the American with 38 lots which includes the regular slots numbered 1 to 36 plus additional two zero slots. The additional two zero slots are the single zero pocket and the double zero pocket. European roulette table consists of 37 slots as it only has a single zero pocket.

Roulette table permits up to seven players for one spin who may seat around the table. The spinning wheel is mounted on the table which also has the betting area known as the layout. The dealer or croupier as he is also known stands behind the wheel from where he can conveniently spin it. Players are only required to place their bets and can do so both before the wheel is spun and as it spins until the dealer declares no more bets. The players simply wait to see where the roulette ball rests and as such have very little role to play. This is actually one of the reason why roulette is popular compared to games like blackjack which require a mastery of some skills and techniques.

Object of Roulette

The objective in roulette is to spin the wheel o that it can cause the roulette ball to land and settle on one slot in a manner that is fair to all slots and which gives all the slots an equal opportunity of winning. You are said to win in roulette when the ball comes to a rest on the slot you predicted and betted on or if it rests on a slot which shares in the criteria you betted on. There is a wide range of bets ranging from a single number bet which promises a high payout ratio of 35 to 1 to an 18 number bet which promises a pay out ratio of only 1 to 1. Another important thing to do is to find a place for gambling.


Before sitting at a roulette table you are required to purchase chips which are in various colors so every player can have his own color to help in differentiating bets. Players are given at least 60 seconds to place their bets before the dealer spins the wheel but they may be allowed to continue doing so until the betting window is closed.

There are basically two types of bets to make which are inside bets and outside bets. Outside bets are made on the layout while inside bets are made on the number grid. The winning strategy in roulette actually lies in the type of bets a player chooses. Inside bets have higher rewards but less probability of occurrence while outside bets have lower payouts but have greater number probability of occurring.

Roulette Game Advantages

Well, if you have Internet connection, you can play roulette game anywhere, either it is a quiet corner in a cafe in the middle of nowhere or a crowdy lounge room in a huge airport. No matter where you are, what matters is your desire.

Where to Play

Online casinos may be accessed from anywhere all over the world and many people play casinos licensed outside the jurisdiction of their states. Just make sure, that casino allows money transaction from your country or state.

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